Onion Juice- How To Use To Boost Your Fertility

Onion (Allium cepa) is a well- known vegetable. The benefits of onion juice are enormous. The juice is used in treating different conditions. Onion juice is rich in vitamins C, B6 and folic acid and also has an extensive supply of calcium,magnesium, iron, chromium and phosphorus. The trace amounts of sulphur present in the onion are considered to have anti-carcinogenic properties. Chromium helps to reduce the blood sugar level. The petrochemicals in onions along with their vitamin C help improve immunity.

Onion, lemon juice daily help to improve on the blood vessels. Onions have been used to reduce inflammation and heal infections.

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Onion Tea for missed periods

If you missed your period and very certain you’re not pregnant, and you prefer a natural way of seeing that your flow returns, this is one of the best recipes.


Crush or grind 1 big onion or 2 medium size of onion in a bowl of water and sieve, add lemon and drink after dinner.

You may add honey to taste. And if you are planning to conceive, add the fertility formular which consists of mainly oily seeds add nuts such as sesame seed, pumpkin seeds, fenugreek seeds, tiger nuts, bambara nuts, cashew nuts, and coconuts.

This recipe works fine for female infertility issues and low sperm count increase


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