Drinking water and other healthy fluids can be beneficial to the body system. Water helps in circulating nutrients around the body. What you drink matters alot. Are you one of those that cherish cold water/beverages? Then this is for you…

Drinking cold water after that sumptious meal, or after a stressful activity may seem appealing. But, it comes with some health complications. Cold water may be fine by you, but not acceptable by the body. The normal body temperature is between 34 and 37 oC while that of cold water is usually between zero and two degrees Celsius and the sudden change in temperature levels, usually when one drinks cold water. Drinking cold water contradicts the overall temperature within the body system.

Drinking cold water be it during hot seasons or cold seasons, could have negative impact on the heart and the digestive system, however, it can cause chronic diseases in those who drink it over time.

Cold water has a clotting effect on the blood and other fluids in the body making it difficult for it to circulate. The body has to warm up the cold water you drink every time to an acceptable temperature before it can take it up for digestion, nutrient and blood circulation.

Drinking cold water regularly is so bad that it affects the blood circulation. Sometimes, this can affect other parts of the body like the legs. Cold water shrinks blood vessels, weakens immune system, and causes indigestion.


  • When you drink water or any cold beverages, your blood vessels shrink, your digestion becomes restricted, and hydration is hindered.
  • Instead of working to digest the food and absorb the nutrients to create energy, your body expends energy to regulate your temperature. This can lead to water loss.
  • Drinking cold water after a meal creates excess mucus in your body, which can lead to a decrease in the immune system function, making it easier to catch cold and other illnesses.
  • If you eat food while drinking cold beverages or immediately after, the water temperature solidifies fats from the foods you’ve just eaten, and the body in turn finds it hard to digest the unwanted fats from your body.

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