The importance of having a working health insurance scheme cannot be over-emphasized. In Nigeria, there are government-owned and private-owned health care facilities, but due to the cost effectiveness of asscessing some of these medical centres, this propelled the borne-out of a national health insurance scheme.

Health insurance in Nigeria is operated by the Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which is planned to attract more resources to the health care sector and improve the access, resources, and utilization of healthcare services.

Health insurance scheme is a simple way to pay for your healthcare. This payment protects a subscriber from paying the full cost of medical services when they are sick or injured.

How effective are these health insurance schemes? That’s what this article promises to provide answers to.

Image result for images for health insurance scheme in nigeriaWhat are the packages in NHIS

The most popular amongst the packages is the Health management organization (HMO). Although, in Nigeria, there are two main packages which are the Health Management Organization (HMO) and the Out Of Pocket (OOP). The HMO plan covers both the tiers of government and private sectors, since the HMOs are being liaised with by the government to provide health care services to NHIS subscribers.

Benefits of subscribing to a health insurance scheme

Just like other form of insurance packages such as car insurance, property insurance, the benefits of subscribing to a health insurance scheme is blissful.

The benefits can include the following:

  • Hospital care in a standard ward for a stay limited to cumulative of 21 days per year.
  • Maternity care for up to four (4) live births for every insured contributor
  • Consultation with specialists such as physicians, paediatrics, gynaecologists, surgeons, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Preventive care immunization as it applies in the National Immunization Programme.
  • Health education, family planning (counselling), antenatal and post natal care.
  • Out-patient care, including necessary consumables (Drugs, Injections, drips), and so on.

The cost

The cost for enrolling for the NHIS varies from programme to programme. The government organization takes the large chunk for the registration of Formal Sector Health Insurance Programme and your personal input depends on the Health Service Provider.

Lists of Top 5 Health Management Organization (HMO) in Nigeria

1.Hygeia HMO Limited

Hygeia HMO, was established 1986. This organization was licensed in 2005. It has various health insurance plans that are also affordable for Individual plan; Small Families plan; Large Families plan; Medical Evacuations plan; ect..


2. Total Health Trust Limited: This is one of the most top and performing health insurance organizations in Nigeria. This company was established in 1998. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest players on the market. Total Health gives you access to over 500 private clinics. In Nigeria, you can ascess total HMO in Lagos and other parts of the country. It has eleven regional offices across the country. This organization is backed by the Liberty Group of South Africa.


3. Integrated Healthcare Limited

This is one of the top health insurance companies in Nigeria. This company offers an IT approach to medical care. Integrated Healthcare Limited was established in 2000. The head office of the company is located in Garki, Abuja. One of the main features of the company is the 24-hour call center which can be reached by any patient.


4. AIICO Multi-Shield Nigeria Limited This company was registered as an HMO in Nigeria in 1997. It was the first company registered according to the National Health Insurance Scheme. It offers a number of health insurance plans including: Evacuation plan; Magnum; Super-Executive; Executive; Standard.


5. Princeton Health Limited

Princeton health insurtance scheme was established in 1999. One of the advantages of its healthcare plans is the American Management Healthcare model.The services offered by the company include: Annual physical check; Specialist consultation; Emergency care; Primary care consultation; Hospital registration. Princeton also offers National Health Insurance and pre-paid scheme.



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