Itching of the body after bathing can so discomforting. Sometimes, it can get worse during cold/winter season. The itchy skin may last  for a short period of time, sometimes, can persist for hours.

If you’ve never experienced itching after bath, then you should count yourself lucky!

The cause(s) of itching after bath can be surprising to many, this is because, oridinarily, after shower, the body is meant to be clean, and perhaps free from any germ, what then is the cause of this?

Here are some possible causes of Itching after bath

Itching is the body’s response to irritants on the skin surface. Itching can be as a result of stimulation.

Certain water although, may not be ideal for bathing. Cloudy water for instance, if used on the body may cause itching after bath. Itching after bathing may because of water been on the skin for too long either due to a very long bath or not wiping completely dry after bathing.

Also, itching can be associated with temperature. Depending on the clime, during winter, the skin reacts to certain things. If you can’t do without bathing with hot water, then note this. Hot water causes the surface blood vessels on the skin to dilate (widen) and blood rushes to the area. This can cause abnormal sensations or prematurely activate receptors. Sometimes if there is minor injury to the skin or an allergy then the heat can further exacerbate it and make the symptoms intense. Furthermore hot water can dry the skin excessively.

Generally, itching after bathing can be caused by any of the following:

  • Harsh Toiletries:  Some chemicals in some soaps can be harmful to the skin. One of the ways it affects the skin is by bringing out blemishes and rashes. Using mild saop in bathing especially on kids should be replaced with any of those in your bathroom.
  • Scrubbing: Too much scrubbing and the ingredients you use for moisturization may be the cause. Excess scrubbing can injure and irritate the skin.
  • Dry skin: Water and soap can dry skin which may only become apparent after bathing.
  • Skin diseases: Inflammation on diseased skin may be exacerbated by bathing.

How to Stop an itchy skin after Bath

Apply these simple measures.

  • Spending too much time in the bathroom does not show sign of neatness. Have a quick shower in cool room-temperature water.
  • If your body is itching you, rub the body with your hand. Do not use rough object to scrub the skin. Dry thoroughly after a cool bath.
  • Air dry for longer. If an electric fan or air conditioning is available then try to cool down before putting on clothes. This should be avoided in cold environments as the body can lose heat rapidly after a hot bath.
  • Apply a thick emollient like petroleum jelly over the affected area. Avoid water-based moisturizers altogether until the itching stops

How to prevent an Itchy skin after Bath

Apply these simple measures.

  • Bathe with lukewarm water. Avoid very long or very hot baths. Soaking in a bath tub occasionally may not be a problem but frequent soaks that are long could cause itching.
  • Use mild toiletries(soaps) Knowing your skin type is very important. However, go for mild soaps. Antibacterial soaps should be avoided. Always ensure that the soap or shampoo is thoroughly rinsed off.
  • Scrub gently when bathing. Remember that dead skin cells will slough off on its own throughout the day and do not have to be physically removed. Gentle rubbing can suffice in remove surface dirt. Do not try to exfoliate deeply with very rough and hard surfaces..
  • Moisturize dry skin after bathing. First ensure that the skin is thoroughly dried before applying a moisturizer.

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