http://www.healthymen101.comA great population of men consider it pleasurable to practice masturbation. Some can’t even do without it. Others often do it regularly. However, doctors believe there are some basic things men should consider before engaging in the practice.

There is yet no offered scientific proof to suggest that excess masturbation can result to cancer of the testicles. However, practicing it excessively can cause a person to be exhausted, which can also cause the testicles to shrink. When the testicles are shrunk, there can be a lowered sperm count and a general reduction in reproductive function.

What Masturbation Can Cause

Just like every other parts of the body, the male penis also needs to have some exercise in order to be healthy. You can exercise your penis regularly by ejaculating and by practicing masturbation. Masturbation helps keep the penis strong and healthy by improving the blood flow to the penis and by enhancing sexual performance. Additionally, ejaculation helps stop buildup of chemicals that causes testicular cancer. When you ejaculate regularly, you flush the vas deferens and the testicles so that semen stays healthy.

When does Masturbation become excessive

Men who masturbate overly, are not able to let their body build back the neurochemicals and hormones required for sex. There isn’t a “normal” dose of masturbation required to have benefits to the body, although doing it once in two days or a few times per week can be healthy. If your daily activities get affected by excessive masturbation, then it has become an addiction. You may have to see your doctor for help.

Some facts about Masturbation

Here are some basic facts about masturbation that you should know about.

1.  Masturbation is safe, but not totally safe

The fact is masturbation is safer than sex since it can’t give you a sexually transmitted disease (STD). However, it does have some potential risks. Vigorous masturbation can create irritation to the skin on the penis. You can also irritate the urethra by thrusting against carpet, a sheet, or a pillow. Masturbation can lead to a fracture of the penis, though in rare cases.

2.  Masturbation may not be as beneficial to the body as sex

According to experts, not all types of orgasms can be said to be the same. Many research studies indicates that sexual intercourse is beneficial to a man because it can enhance blood pressure and aid in the health of the prostate gland and the heart.

3.  Masturbation can increase or ruin your sex life

Masturbation can intensify the pleasure of sex with your partner since it can teach a man what makes him feel good and he can teach this to his partner. It can help a man learn how to prevent premature ejaculation. Masturbation is a good way to satisfy urges when no partner is around or when his sex drive exceeds that of his partner. On the other hand, some men develop an obsession with masturbation to the point that they have no sexual interest with their partner, resulting to problems in relationships.

4.  Some Masturbation Can Cause Sexual Dysfunction

Masturbation practiced under increased friction, increased pressure, or involves rapid stroking can produce a lack of adequate ejaculation, making it thus hard to reach orgasm with a partner.


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